Swing Gate Hydraulic Automation System


Complete range of low voltage hydraulic pistons for very intensive use, suitable for any type of residential, industrial or multi-residence application. Compact and sturdy, capable of automating swing gate leaves up to 5 metres wide and weighing up to 800 kg. Available in reversible and/or non-reversible versions, they ensure maximum anti-crushing safety thanks to the absolute encoder and exclusive D-Track system


Control unit with display and new, simplified scenario-based programming.

The absolute encoder, installed in all 24V versions, guarantees maximum stopping precision in the closing and opening limit switches and makes it possible to control the torque by means of the D-Track system.

Thanks to the exclusive selectable locking system, all 2B operators can be switched to reversible, with locking when open, locking when closed or double locking. This can all be done by simply turning a key.

Technical Data

800 Kg 24 v hydraulic operator for swing gates up to 5 m. 800 kg in weight and Very intensive use. Cycle time 20 sec.

U-Link Yes
Control unit Thalia P
Power input 300 w
Type of limit Switch Encoder
Slowdown Yes
Impact reaction D-Track
Locking Selectable in opening/closing
Release Trianglr Key
Frequency of use Very intensive
Environmental conditions (min) -20 °c
Environmental conditions (max) 60 °c
Protection rating Ip55
Actuator weight 12.9 kg
Voltage 24 v
Max Leaf 800 kg
Application context Collective, Industrial, Residential, Tertiary
Complete system X
Useful rod stroke 392 mm
Maximum angle 130 °
Cycle time 20 sec
Gate leaf length 5 m
Motor power supply 24 v
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