Swing Gate Electromechanical Automation System


Complete range of electromechanical pistons for residential use, suitable for swing gate leaves up to 4 metres wide and weighing up to 500 kg.


Covered worm screw: all KUSTOS BT A range operators are telescopic operators with completely covered worm screw. This ensures maximum protection against external agents (water, dust, dirt, etc.) as well as a total protection for people, preventing any type of access to the moving parts.

Magnetic pin: an exclusive feature of Bft operators enabling quicker installation steps, making them easier and always ensuring correct rear locking of the operator

Technical Data

Covered worm screw Magnetic limit switch and pin Irreversible electromechanical operator 24 v for swing gates weighing up to 400 kg and 2.5 m long.

U-Link No
Control unit Zara btl2
Board power supply 230 v
Power supply 24 v
Power input 40 w
Type of limit switch Magnetic
Slowdown Yes
Impact reaction D-track
Locking Mechanical
Release Yes
Frequency of use Intensive
Environmental conditions (min) -20 °c
Environmental conditions (max) 55 °c
Protection rating Ip44
Max Leaf 400 kg
application context Residential
Operator weight 5 kg
Useful rod stroke 250 mm
Maximum angle 118 °
Gate leaf length 2.5 m
Cycle time 13 sec
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