Slide Gate Automation System


Range of residential operators, extremely simple to install and completely safe to use thanks to full compliance with the current European standards. Available with electromechanical or inductive limit switches.


Control unit with programming display and D-Track torque, speed and position management and control system in 24V versions. Incorporated dual channel radio receiver

Proximity limit switches for accurate, safe installations in any environmental conditions.

Backup battery power supply system, installable on-board unit (24V versions).

Technical data

Limit switch Electromechanical Operator 24 v for sliding gates up to 600 kg in weight. Leaf speed 12 m/min.

U-Link No
Control unit Alpha
Board power supply 230 v
Power supply 230 v
Power input 270 w
Gate speed 8.5 m/min
Type of limit switch Electromechanical
Pinion module 4
Pinion rotation speed 48 rpm
Slowdown No
Impact reaction Mechanical clutch
Locking Mechanical
Release Knob with triangular key
Frequency of use Semi-intensive
Environmental conditions (min) -15 °c
Environmental conditions (max) 60 °c
Protection rating Ip24
Actuator weight 11 kg
Voltage 230 v
Max Leaf 500 kg
application context Residential
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